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Types of Sainsbury’s Gift Cards

Sainsbury’s offers two types of gift cards: physical gift cards and eGift cards. Physical gift cards are traditional plastic cards, whereas eGift cards are digital and can be purchased and sent online. Both types can be used for shopping at Sainsbury’s stores, as well as for purchasing items from their online stores, such as TU clothing and homeware products.

Both types of gift cards have a wide range of designs available, catering to different occasions and preferences. Sainsbury’s eGift cards are particularly popular due to their convenience, as they can be sent via email, printed and presented as a physical gift, or even stored on a smartphone for easy access.

Range and Quality:

The value of Sainsbury’s gift cards, including eGift cards, can vary depending on the purchaser’s preference and budget. The minimum order value for an eGift card is £5, and the maximum value is £250.

Sainsbury’s provides a variety of designs for eGift cards, catering to different occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Customers also have the option to create a personalised eGift card with their chosen design and custom message, ensuring a unique and memorable gift for the recipient.

The range and quality of products available to purchase using Sainsbury’s eGift cards are vast, providing a diverse selection of items from their grocery offerings to TU clothing and homeware. This allows recipients to easily find something they would like to use their eGift card on, ensuring a satisfying shopping experience.

To sum up, Sainsbury’s eGift cards provide customers with a convenient gift option that combines personalisation and flexibility. These digital gift cards allow recipients to shop for a variety of products, from groceries to clothing, ensuring they find something they truly desire.

Sainsbury's eGift Cards

Purchasing and Using Sainsbury’s eGift Cards:

Sainsbury’s eGift Cards are a convenient and personalised way to give your friends and family the ability to shop for anything they desire at Sainsbury’s stores. To create your eGift Card, you can choose a value up to £250, and even add a personal message or an image to make the gift more unique.

Purchasing Sainsbury’s eGift Cards is straightforward; simply visit the Sainsbury’s website and follow the online process. The digital gift card will then be delivered straight to the recipient’s inbox on the delivery date you specify during the purchase.

One of the advantages of using an eGift Card is that it can be utilised for a wide range of products in all Sainsbury’s stores, such as TU clothing, homeware, and even in Sainsbury’s coffee shops. Additionally, eGift Cards can be redeemed online, offering even greater flexibility for the recipient.

When it comes to making a payment with a Sainsbury’s eGift Card, customers can use it for the full amount or as part payment with an additional payment card. To use the eGift Card, customers will need to provide the 19-digit card number and PIN that comes with the card. The remaining balance on the card will be available for up to 24 months from the last transaction, ensuring ample time for the recipient to make use of the funds.

Keeping track of the remaining balance on a Sainsbury’s eGift Card is also simple. Customers can check it through the automated phone line on 0800 636262 or by asking a store colleague at the till to complete a balance check. Moreover, a receipt will be provided after each transaction, indicating the remaining balance on the card.

In summary, Sainsbury’s eGift Cards are a versatile and thoughtful gift option that grants recipients the freedom to purchase what they want from a wide selection of products. By following a few easy steps, you can give your loved ones a personalised and convenient present that they will truly appreciate.

Terms, Conditions and Customer Service:

Sainsbury’s eGift Cards offer a convenient way for customers to buy and send digital gift cards online. These eGift Cards have specific terms and conditions that apply to their usage:

Product Exclusions: While Sainsbury’s eGift Cards can be used to purchase most items at Sainsbury’s, there are a few product exclusions. For instance, eGift Cards cannot be used to purchase online orders’ delivery charges.

Minimum Online Order Value: eGift Card holders must place an order with a minimum value of £25 when shopping at

Refunding: If a customer wishes to return an item purchased with an eGift Card, they can receive a refund for that item back onto the gift card. To do this, they must present the item, receipt, and gift card at the customer service desk.

Expiry Date: From March 2021, the expiry date of a Sainsbury’s Gift Card or eGift Card can only be extended by loading or reloading funds onto the card, which will then extend the card’s expiry by two years from that date.

Customer Service: If a customer has any issues or queries related to their Sainsbury’s eGift Card, they can seek assistance from the MySainsbury’s customer service team by calling 0800 636262, or by speaking to a staff member in a Sainsbury’s store.

It’s important to note that these terms and conditions may not be exhaustive, and customers are advised to consult the official Sainsbury’s website for the full list of terms that apply to eGift Cards. While Sainsbury’s eGift Cards provide a great gift option, it’s essential for customers to be aware of the applicable terms and conditions, ensuring a seamless shopping experience.

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