Mysainsburys: Employees at Sainsbury’s love using this system for their daily routine and help maintain a disciplined data file with all their important details like contact numbers, addresses, and more. It is also helpful for employers since it keeps track of each employee’s monthly reports, costs, and income.

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About Mysainsburys

The inception of the Mysainsburys online portal has provided a quick and efficient solution for employees at Sainsbury’s who want to access company benefits online. 

The portal offers easy access to the benefits that employees at Sainsbury’s have been looking for, such as entitlement to discounted life cover, gym membership, and employee discounts at a wide range of stores. 


Also, you can manage your shifts in the Sainsburys App and book holidays. So it is convenient to work your life as a Sainsbury’s employee. As a result, it is easy for employees to get all the benefits they need (public liability insurance, basic life cover, occupational disability cover) in one place. 

You can access the portal from any device, laptop, phone, or desktop machine.

The company’s manager encourages the staff to get started with the Sainsburys portal by registering their details. After that, you can log in with valid credentials to achieve all the benefits. 

Let’s look at the login process in the next section.

What Is The MySainsburys Login Process?

But first, you need to be an active employee of Sainsbury’s to get the portal privileges. Here are the requirements you might need to comply with to gain access to the login portal:

  • Keep in mind your social security number.
  • Also, keep close your employee ID and other crucial information.
  • Your social security number might be your default password. You can reset your password to Sainsbury’s if you want to.

How to Login to Mysainsburys

Mysainsburys login activity is straightforward.

  1. With any browser of your choice, go to the official website
  2. A window that requires you to enter your user ID and password will appear.
  3. Hit on the login button. You should be patient here as the system takes in your information. You will have to reset your password during your first login. Remember to set a strong, secretive, and unique password.


Benefits of Mysainsburys

Employees at Sainsbury’s can now access some great benefits. 

Here are the main benefits of the Sainsburys app:

  • Discount cards

With at least six months of rendering service, all Sainsbury’s employees have access to employee discounts at a wide range of stores, restaurants, and cinemas. It also applies to online stores. So, for example, you get a 10% discount on your groceries if you spend £50 on Sainsbury’s branded products. Also, you get a 50% discount on all Game titles and 15% off for amazon items.

  • Annual bonus

The first time you earn £3,000 in any 12 months, you get a bonus worth 1.5% of that total income. The bonus is calculated every calendar year on the 26th of December and paid in cash on the 30th of January. Plus, you also get a 10% discount on all Sainsbury’s branded products when spending £50 on groceries.

  • Gym membership

The employees are entitled to a free gym membership at Sainsbury’s Head Office if they have at least six months of active service with them. They can also access the facility at various regional offices across Great Britain.

  • Flexible working hours

Sainsbury’s employer likes when the employees get control of their work and home schedules. If you are a staff, you can pick the most convenient hours for your work duties. You are entitled to a 4-day workweek as well as flexible holidays.

  • Holiday allowance

All the employees get at least 24 days of paid holiday each year. They get an extra eight days if they are on parental leave, sick leave, or a flexible working pattern. You also get up to 4% of your annual leave pay.

  • Insurance

The employees are entitled to a basic life cover when they have worked for Sainsbury’s for at least six months. Private medical insurance is another package that the company provides to the staff. It will help their families maintain the life insurance premium after they pass on. Note that you must be behind a company computer, laptop, or mobile device to use the access.

The above information should help you keep all the benefits and discounts organized and easy to access.

Now that we have discussed what Mysainsburys is and how to access it, let’s look at how employees are using it: 

  • Get information about company events, such as local offices’ Christmas parties.
  • Maintain the personal details of all employees.
  • Manage the company’s shift schedule.
  • Access the company’s e-payment system for shopping.
  • View productivity reports about the number of hours worked by staff.

It is how the employees at Sainsbury’s can benefit from Mysainsburys. 

Mysainsburys customer care

It is a great way to get help, advice, and support if you struggle with the portal. The employees can reach out to the Mysainsburys help and support center:

HR department – 0800 707 6242

Service desk DT department – 0345 603 2282

Banking services department – 0345 603 4401

Deposit Counter-department – 0345 603 5538

Mysainsburys overview

Sainsbury’s is a very popular retail giant and has been around for almost a century. Sainsbury’s is the biggest of the UK supermarket groups and has its benefits.

As part of the Sainsbury’s group, they have quickly embraced technology and made it accessible to the employees. Employees can use MySainsburys to access all the benefits available on their portal, where they can log in with their Sainsbury credentials if they are an employee.


Mysainsbury’s is a simple and reliable way to keep track of all your important details like the contact number, home address, and telephone number. It is easy to maintain if you have been a Mysainsburys employee. In addition, Sainsbury’s has a lot of benefits for its employees to use, making this system helpful for both the company and its employees.